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  • Minimum Order Quantity: one-color 1000 pieces, multi-color 3000 pieces
  • Material: Plastic or paper
  • Sizes: 40×60 cm, 50×70 cm, 70×100 cm
  • Processing: Ready-to-use with flagstick already inserted

We deliver the accessories for your choreographies!

We produce high-quality, single-colored plastic flags in three different sizes (40×60, 50×70 and 70×100 cm) starting at a minimum quantity of 1000 pieces.

From a minimum quantity of 3000 pieces, we can also produce the flags with stripes or check patterns or even with logos, lettering etc. according to your wishes. Overcoats/ponchos are also possible, which are ideal for choreos.

If desired, we can of course also produce the plastic flags as double holders with two rods. By the way: the flags are delivered completely finished with flagstaff. They then only need to be distributed and swivelled.

We also supply colored cardboard panels in many different colors from 1000 pieces upwards.