• Minimum Order Quantity: 20/50 pieces, depending on what exactly you need
  • Material: can be real leather, artificial leather, wool or softshell
  • Sizes: Wool gloves: one size fits all; other gloves: S-XXL
  • Processing: Embroidery; Applications; Labelling and many more

We are your manufacturer for individual gloves of all kinds.

Gloves are available in 3 different materials. The classic is of course wool gloves, which are available as a completely single-colored standard product with embroidery from 20 pairs and as a custom-made product with striped wristbands from 50 pairs.

The second variation are leather gloves. We can produce these either from real leather or artificial leather. Last but not least we can offer gloves made of weatherproof and warm softshell as a third, modern variant.

As we produce the gloves completely by ourselves, details such as cut, closure, shape and position of the embroideries can be chosen completely free.

Please contact us if you have any questions or need further information. We are looking forward to your message!