• Minimum Order Quantity: 20 pieces
  • Sizes: one size fits all
  • Colors: Fleece: many different standard colors; Acrylic: can be made accorded to your designs
  • Processing: Embroideries, patches, applications, labelling
  • Material: Fleece or Acrylic

We customize neck warmers starting from only 20 pieces!

There are two different kinds of neck warmers: the ones made of fleece, and the ones made of “wool” (acrylic), same as the regular jacquard scarves.

The fleece-neckwarmers are available in many different colors and can be customized with embroideries or patches.

The jacquard-neckwarmers instead are woven according to your design. You can make them striped, checked or with a simple logo woven on the front. In addition, we can also add embroideries, patches, labels or other applications.

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