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  • Number of colors: maximum of 5 colors inside the scarf, maximum of 2 colors in the fringes
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 30 pieces
  • Size: Standard size 140×20 cm
  • Kind of color of fringes: Wool fringes (up to two colors)
  • Material: 100% Acrylic

The one-sided woven fan scarf, also called woven scarf, had almost completely disappeared in the meantime after great popularity in the 80s. But now it is back and enjoys great popularity again.

Woven scarves are extremely finely woven with a maximum of 6 colors, so that even the finest details can be implemented without any problems. Detailed logos, simplified photos and complex fonts can usually be implemented without problems.

On the back of the scarf the motif of the front side is visible as a negative. Fringes with a maximum of 2 colors are sewn onto the ends of the scarf.

Available from us from a minimum quantity of 30 pieces completely according to your wishes.